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Avengers x Villain! Reader How It Is Pt. VII

“You want to explain to me how you lost one of the earth’s biggest threats to humanity?”

“Oh, Director. No, not particularly.” Tony replied before turning back to the  suit he was working on. The Director had called up Clint only moments after she disappeared from the Tower.

“I had a feeling we couldn’t trust you keeping her here. It would only be a matter of time, which is why we put this tracking device on her.” Nick said, holding up a small gadget. Tony took it, examining it with some interest.

“Does this give you an exact location on where she is?”

“It told us where Cobalt was in the Tower down to the exact inch in a room.”

“Good. We can use this to find her again.” Tony responded, handing it back to him and returning to the suit.

“Which is exactly what we’re going to do, right now.” Nick said, earning Tony’s attention.

“Seriously? So we know who took her and we know where she is?”

“Yes. However, I’m going to have to ask you to not get involved with this recovery mission.”

“And why is that?” Tony asked, feeling slightly indignant.

“She’s been captured by Magneto.”

“Okay, cool.”

“...He controls metal, just like she does.”

“Yeah, well, that won’t be a problem once I finish up modifying this suit.” Tony said proudly, gesturing to the armor.

“It’s made out of the same thing Cobalt’s cuffs are, isn’t it?” Nick observed, to which Tony smirked.

“Precisely. I started working on it as soon as I developed those cuffs, but when we brought her here I didn’t really think I’d need the suit.”

“And why is that?”

“Because she’s just a confused kid. Granted, a kid about 10 years older than me, but she’s still got the body and mind of a teenage girl.”

“What do you mean, she’s 10 years older than you??” Nick asked seriously, stopping Tony’s work. The billionaire sighed, pushing Nick’s hand off his shoulder so he could continue.

“It’s a long story, and to be honest we don’t have all the details. All we know is that she’s the lone survivor of a top secret Korean superhuman experiment. A company that’s a trade partner of mine got the idea for the experiment, believe it or not. Bruce already tried to ask her questions about it after she was shot by the fake Natasha. Unfortunately she started to freak out. Apparently, it’s a very sensitive subject, so we don’t know much more than that. But for now, I’d like to get some work done. Can we at least postpone the mission until I’m done with the suit?”

“That’s unlikely. You forget, she’s still a villain, and for all we know that capture could have been staged. She could be conspiring with Magneto as we speak, and then we’re all in trouble.”

“You don’t know that. You didn’t see the look on her face when that blue freak carried her off.”

“You mean Mystique, and yes, I do. It was because of Magneto and (Name)’s previous work that she’s been listed as one of our top threats.” He replied coldly. Tony stopped, voluntarily this time, and gave Nick a hard look.

“Why haven’t I ever heard about it?”

“Because at the time, you were in Afghanistan, and the massacre took place in Chicago.”


“Yes. Now if you’ll excuse me, we have a very important situation that we need to take care of. And seeing as your suit isn’t finished yet, I’m going to have to ask you to stay here and do not come to the rescue. You don’t have to be the hero this time, Stark.” Nick ordered, and turned dramatically, exiting with a sudden darkness and urgency in every step. Tony stared after him for a minute, but shrugged it off, returning to his work.

“...Would you like to see the results of the ‘Chicago Massacre 2008’, Sir?” J.A.R.V.I.S.’s voice suddenly rang out in the lab.

“Sure, why not? And also, book me a flight for South Korea.”

“Anywhere in specific, Sir?”

“Try Jeju Beach. And that’ll be four tickets. No, five, if we can figure out where Natasha is.”

“As you wish, Sir.”


“You’re probably wondering why I’ve brought you back under my wing, (Name).”

“No, not really. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to stay out of it since Chicago.” (Name) spat as she was escorted against her will towards the other prison cells nearby. Magneto only laughed lightly, and clenched his fist, sending waves of pain straight through her body. She yelped as his invisible grip tightened on her body. Or rather, her blood stream.

“You know better than to have such a rude attitude towards me, young lady. You know what happens when you do practice such behavior.” He chided, leading her into one of the cells. And you wouldn’t believe who it was.

“Logan!!” She gasped, and began to struggle against Magneto’s grip. Said man looked up from his own bindings; He was chained to the wall, dried blood coating his body. It would have been horrifying if he didn’t have his heal factor. Other than that, it was just disgusting. It must have sucked, too.

“Hey, runt. What’re you doin’ here?” He asked gruffly, giving the smallest of smiles at his old friend. She attempted to shrug, but really couldn’t, seeing as she was being controlled by Magneto. So instead, she kind of just floated there.

“Oh, nothing much. Just hangin’ around. That, and being controlled by everyone’s favorite metal freak.” She replied, earning a light chuckle from the man. Magneto growled, clenching his fist tighter. (Name) tried not to scream too loudly as her body was being crushed from the inside. Logan’s eyes widened and he pulled against his restraints, remember just how severe this situation actually was.

“Magneto, let her go, now!” He shouted, attempting to push towards them. But Magneto only smirked, throwing his other hand out and effectively taking control of Logan’s body as well.

“It’s a pity you don’t have the same reaction as she does whenever I control your body. It’s easier to discipline her whenever she tries to fight back. But you, on the other hand, you’re just troublesome no matter what I do.” Magneto mused, pushing (Name) closer to Logan with a twist of his hand, and sent her flying forwards, pausing just before they collided.

“So it seems that I’ll have to use a different tactic with you. I’ve been told that you haven’t been behaving well since Mystique brought you here. Unfortunately, I cannot allow your bad behavior to go unpunished.” He paused, turning his hand that controlled Logan. The man inhaled sharply when he realized what Magneto was planning.

“Magneto, don’t do it!! She doesn’t have the heal factor! Take my hand off of her!!” He warned, but his fist only pressed into (Name)’s stomach further.

“Oh, I’m well aware that she doesn’t have the heal factor. However, she can very well heal herself if she needs to. So, here is my proposal.” He responded. (Name) whimpered when she felt Logan’s claws begin to protrude from his hand, piercing her skin.

“Either you, (Name), heal yourself and the both of you will stay in this cell until you rot. However, instead of healing yourself, you could always use your powers to free Logan and allow him to continue living out his eternity alone. It’s your decision.” Magneto finished. She gasped quietly as she felt the metal begin to enter her abdomen.

“I’m so sorry.” Logan whispered, “Just...heal yourself. Don’t worry about me. If we’re stuck in here together then we can figure something ou--”

He was cut off when the screams erupted from her throat. Magneto had drawn the claws straight through her center.

“NOO!!” Logan roared, watching her body fall limply to the floor. (Name) yelped, clutching at her middle as she let the tears flow.

“Oh, dear. It appears our dear (Name) is already losing an awful lot of blood, Logan.”

“I’m going to kill you!!” He snarled, pulling vehemently at his captor’s grip. Magneto only sighed, turning around as the doors began to close behind him.

“You’d better help her make a decision before it’s too late. I wouldn’t say she has much time left. Only a few more minutes and you’ll be rooming with a dead body.” The villain said maliciously, releasing Logan’s bonds as the doors finally shut.

“He better enjoy every second he has left to live before I slit his throat.” The growl escaped him before he dropped down next to (Name), who was miraculously conscious, despite the huge loss of blood.

“L-Logan...i-it hurts…” She sobbed quietly, and he quickly lifted her into his arms, pressing his hand against the wound to slow the bleeding. At least, on the entry point.

“I know, (Name). I’m so sorry I let this happen to you. But the last thing you should be doing is complainin’. Just go ahead and heal yourself. We’ll figure a way out of this later, got it?”

“But l-last time, you...couldn’t have gotten out unless I released you. I-I have to let you out ag--”

“What’d he do to you, knock you in the brain? We’re stuck in the same cell together now. Don’t worry about me, just heal yourself. And that’s not a request, young lady.” He ordered, and she laughed, weakly placing her hand in the pool of silvery blood next to him.

“Guy thinks j-just because he’s got 80 years over me he's my dad." She joked, lifting the blood into a shaky ball.

"(Name), focus." He growled, watching the blood quiver as she tried to push it into her body.

"Yeah, yeah. Just-- ah!! Just cover the holes on my back with your hand. Press as h-hard as you can so I can focus on keeping the blood contained. Got it?”

“Sure. S’not like this is the first time.”

“Yeah, but last time it wasn’t you who stabbed me. Remember?”

“Like I’d want to.” He scoffed, feeling the tension in the room begin to ease as she began to close the wound. Then the entry points were gone, along with the exit points. As if it had never happened in the first place. His gaze softened, despite the frown still etched onto his face as her eyes began to droop, even though she fought to keep them open.

“You’ve had a rough day. Go ahead and get some rest. I’ll be here when y’wake up.” He said softly, despite the gruffness of his voice.


“I promise. Now go on. Sleep.”


~To Be Continued~
WHAT WHAAAAAAAT?? A past between Logan and Reader?? Hooo boy this is going to be amazing. I think. IDK.
Should I put a warning on this, or what?

ANYWAYS. I'm planning on writing a Tony x Reader and uploading tonight because of you guys' kindness and dedication for the end of the nasty government plot to give the Internet to the richest 1% !! Which my dad told me that I'm apart of, but still..that doesn't make it right! xD He doesn't agree with it either, though, so...I don't really know what the point was in telling me that. xD

BUT, if you haven't signed yet, sign HERE!!…
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Part VIII is already out!! ^^
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